For over 25 years, Macils has been promoting the exchange of experience and know-how between companies of different sizes and sectors. Under the motto "learning from the best", particularly proven practices (best practices) are taken up and the transfer to other companies is successfully supported. 


Training camp for the working world of tomorrow! Experience best practice live on site at the leading companies.

"Factory of the future" under the patronage of Bosch and Fraunhofer

"Transformation live" under the patronage of Daimler

"Factory of the future" under the patronage of Bosch and Fraunhofer

"Production in perfection" under the patronage of Audi and Porsche

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Trainings live

Certified training

Live workshops in factories

Method trainings

We offer practical training. Learn from and with the best.Live on site in the factories or on the web!

BenchMarking - Home of Best Practice

Benchmark competitions - Check yourself - Factory checks

Best Practice-Nuggets

Trend and process studies 

For 25 years we have been developing benchmarking approaches with the best from all sectors, which make it possible to combine one's own state of implementation with new impulses.

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Management knowledge from the field

  • Consulting, training and coaching with practice experts

  • Placement of temporary management experts

We work with practitioners in our coaching approaches. They are willing to share their experiences, exchange ideas with you at eye level and often provide valuable tips.

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