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Wie effizient ist meine Arbeit im Büro? 
Wie weit bin ich auf dem Weg zur Arbeit 2025 (New Work)? 

Was machen die Besten? Welche Lean-Methoden eigenen sich für Büro-Prozesse? Wie entwickelt sich New Work und Arbeit 4.0?

Bekommen Sie Impulse und schätzen Sie Ihre eigene Abteilung ein. vergleichen Sich mit den Besten und Dem Durchschnitt.

Our Office Checks give you insights into many topics and the opportunity for reflection. The basis for the focus topics and assessments are impulses and best practice examples from 20 years of benchmarking on the topic of Office Excellence. Here we have been awarding the Office Excellence Award since 2003 and regularly organise live events on site and learning trips. Use the comprehensive compilation of topics as inspiration for your own steps towards efficient office work in the future.


Office-Check Lean Basics

This check reflects a picture of how well departments are already on the way to more efficiency in the office today. Assess all the issues that make them successful on the way to efficient office processes.

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Office-Check Work 4.0

The Quick Check Office - Work 4.0 is intended for departments and teams and assesses how far they have come on the path to innovative, digital work structures. Seven key topics provide impulses and draw a clear picture.

Start your Office Check Work 4.0 here